1 John 5:7-15

Verses 7 and 8 are known as the Johannine Comma, which is clear evidence the Word has been MAN­ipulated in the course of scriptural history. These verses are in direct reference to the Trinity, but do not appear in any Greek manuscripts before the tenth century A.D. 

Just as the Word was made flesh, we have today been gifted with the Word made ... paper. Spiritually perfect but physically marred. Imperfections in the Word are minimal. Like Jesus' physical body, the Word made paper remains sufficient and able to represent to us all that God wants us to know.


Within the faith, there is the non­biblical discussion that the Bible is perfect and inerrant in the original manuscripts. For starters, we do not have access to any original manuscripts. So why do we say this? We can't prove it, and it was never a point God seems to have wanted us to prove.

Some say that in the Christian experience the Spirit within, the testimony at water baptism, and the experience of communion (the blood) is what John is talking about here. All these witnesses
are appointed by God to testify the fact that Jesus is the Son of God.