What is CAMPUS all about?

C*A*M*P*U*S stands for:


“Employed by our faith in Christ to labor in fields of love.”


We believe that a Christian is someone who believes in JESUS. (there are no other requirement)



  • The Bible is an inspired historical account describing how God established His plan to reconcile the whole world to Himself.  It is His Word.

  • In and through God’s literal and physical interactions with the Nation of Israel and by and through the birth, death, resurrection, ascension and return of the promised Messiah Jesus Christ, readers today are presented with spiritual lessons which are applied (by and through the Spirit) to everyday Christian life.

  • In and through these spiritual applications believers today grow in faith and love, requisites to being Children of God.

  • All the physical descriptions, events, and prophesies of the Bible have been literally completed or ultimately abolished with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

  • The Church that Jesus established (which He said the “gates of hell would not prevail against”) was taken in 70 AD leaving the Spiritual Body of Christ to grow and thrive around the world in its place.

  • Brick and mortar church is only purposeful through its willingness to teach the Word of God, serve as a hub for believers to gather and fellowship, and to feed and clothe the poor.

  • Denominations, sects, and religious authority are the creations of Man and do more to divide than unite believing hearts and lives. Institutional physical religion is antithetical to God’s intended purposes because they are all “shakable.” (Hebrews 12:18-29)

  • The Body of Christ is composed of individual believers whom God has written His laws upon their minds and hearts by the Holy Spirit. (Hebrews 10:16-17)

  • With sin being removed the only commandments human beings are called to obey are 1) to believe upon Him who God sent into the world (Jesus) and 2) to love God and “neighbor” as ourselves. (1st John 3:22-23)

  • Because strait is the gate and narrow the way and few be there that find it, a limited number of people will be saved (from hell and the lake of death).  Those who enter heaven after this life are God’s children, joint-heirs with Christ, Sons and Daughters of God.

  • All believers today (since 70 AD) experience their own respective rapture, second coming, and judgment at death.  All unbelievers experience being left behind and judgment.   

  • God’s plan has always been to reconcile all the world to Himself that none will be lost.  

  • Some people will come to God by faith in His Son while in this life, others will break in the dark reflections of hell and the remainder will have their souls purged through the Lake of Fire.  Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord.

  • God is one.  The term Trinity is a man-made construction.  Jesus is God in flesh.  The Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit.  The Father is God invisible. All are manifestations of the same One God, who is Love.

  • There is no access to God but through Christ Jesus.  None.  No other way.

  • The first principle of Christianity is faith in Jesus Christ.

  • The last and ultimate principle and purpose of Christianity is love.

  • Those who are Jesus’ obey His command – His command is to love.

  • Those who love are His, those who do not are not.

  • It is the believer’s love that glorifies God and defines them as His.


By and through the power of Christ through the Spirit we choose to love all people, of every walk, every climb, every opinion, every lifestyle, and every choice; we love all who have committed (and commit) every kind of sin or crime or horror against God and Man – we choose, in His name and with His power, to love all people.  Our primary purpose for gathering at C.A.M.P.U.S. is to hear the Word of God, which increases faith, which increases love.

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